If a hat could talk…

The cowboy hat is a tool of the trade, but it also helps to form an identity. A hat can tell a lot about a person, simply by how it’s shaped, the coloring, and even scrapes and stains it collects as it travels down the rodeo road.

American Hat Company is celebrating their 100th year and as you can imagine they have sold millions of hats that all have probably earned their own unique stories, but there are many of these hats whose stories are just beginning at the National High School Finals Rodeo.

“We have a hat for everyone here: The trend setters, trend adopters, and those who are tried and true,” said Keith Mundee, President of American Hat Company. “Everything we have is hand woven. We make our hats fashionable, but functional.”

IMG_20150715_170555[1] IMG_20150715_110253[1]

Rodeo Kids are tough on their hats and that’s why American Hats focuses on quality, making not only the finest felt hats in the world, but their straw hats are dipped in petroleum based lacquer.

“You can wear our hats in the rain and if you happen to get bucked off, fall down or get your hat crushed somewhere, it’s more than likely you’ll be able to get it back to their original shape,” said Mundee. “They will hold their shape a lot better because of the lacquer.”

Mundee liked American Hats and their partnership with NHSRA to branding.

“The term branding is a western term and for us it’s about branding as many calves as we possibly can,” said Mundee. “We want to reach as many young people and get them branded in American Hats, teaching them to be proud of this cowboy hat. It’s the most recognizable piece of apparel on planet Earth. Anywhere I drop you with this hat on, somebody is going to say “Are you a cowboy or a cowgirl?””

American Hat Company is proud to be a part of the NHSRA family and believe that NHSFR, being the “world’s largest rodeo” is one of the greatest events to be involved with.

“It’s (NHSRA) full of great young people and wonderful parents,” said Mundee. “We love being here!”

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2 thoughts on “If a hat could talk…

  1. Taylor Talley

    Is there any website I can try and by the Tuf Cooper American Hat?

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